Custom dB Blockers

Custom dB Blockers

Why custom hearing protection is the solution you are looking for

Superior Hearing Protection

dB Blockers™ offer “The Smartest Hearing Protection in the World” especially where interpersonal communication is required. dB Blockers™ are custom fit to each individual wearer for maximum comfort and are made from Skinsoft™ medical grade silicone. dB Blockers™ are particularly suited for industrial applications where communication between individuals is desired. These hearing protectors can be worn for a complete shift, without the need to remove them to talk on the phone, eat or relieve pressure. A must for all hearing conservation programs.

Foam Ear Plugs vs. dB Blockers

For so long, industrial workers and Safety Officers have been confused about the benefits of dB blockers versus foam ear plugs in both their effectiveness and cost.

Below is the information you need to make an informed decision as to what makes the most sense in terms of protection for your workers, plus understanding why, over the long-term, dB blockers are the superior product and most cost effective.

foam disposable ear plugs
customized hearing protection

NRR Reduction Rating (NRR)

The NRR system of classifying hearing protection uses a single number to express the attenuation of the protector.

The NRR, which is determined through laboratory testing, has been widely recognized to overestimate the attenuation that can be achieved in real-world conditions. As such, the NRR is often de-rated. Various de-rating factors have been proposed.

CSA Standard Z94.2-14 provides guidance on de-rating the NRR and applying a correction factor.

Earplugs can be considered to provide 50% of their NRR. Earmuffs provide closer to 70% of their NRR. You should also subtract 3 dB to get an estimate of the protection in dBA.

ear muffs hearing protection

Ear Muffs

3M PELTOR Optime 105 Earmuffs

One Size Fits Most

Replace cushions every 3 months

Replace device every 2 years

Advertised NRR: 30 dB

WorksafeBC recommended NRR: 18 dB

ear plugs

Ear Plugs

Laser Lite Single-Use Earplugs

One Size Fits Most


Replace once removed

Advertised NRR: 32 dB

WorksafeBC recommended NRR: 13 dB

banded earplugs

Banded Earplugs

QB1HYG Banded Earplugs

One Size Fits Most

Replace pods every 2-4 weeks

Replace device after 2 years

Advertised NRR: 27 dB

WorksafeBC recommended NRR: 10.5 dB

db blockers hearing protection

Custom Molded Hearing Protection

dB Blockers Vented Convertibles

Custom Fit


Replace after 5 years

Advertised NRR: 26 dB

WorksafeBC recommended NRR: 26 dB

Compare pricing of db blockers to foam ear plugs

Calculate the Cost Savings

Click on the image to the left to download our cost comparison Excel spreadsheet. If you don’t have Excel you can use our Google sheets version here.

What Some of Our Customers Have to Say

Lisa Neilson | Waterplay Solutions Corp.

– Vice President of Corporate Services

“Our company has used Okanagan Audio Labs for years to conduct our hearing tests and some of our staff have opted for custom hearing protection but I was unfamiliar with the “Sleepers” product until a friend mentioned their “life changing” sleep using this product. My husband often snores and as I’ve gotten older, I find that I sleep lighter. I tried foam and wax earplugs but could never get a comfortable fit and more often than not, they fell out during the night. My custom fit “Sleepers” have improved the quality of my sleep. They fit comfortably from the first day I received them, blocking out the annoying household noises, birds chirping and most importantly my husband’s snoring while still allowing me to hear my phone alarm. They are amazing travel companions – no more noisy air units, no more street noise, no more doors banging – just peaceful sleep. I don’t know how I would sleep without them!”

Gail Temple | Westcorp

– Vice-President of Operations

I bought a custom-made pair of sleeper earplugs over a year ago because I am a light sleeper and travel a lot for work.  Not only have the earplugs changed my reality in terms of being able to sleep pretty much anywhere, I believe that purchase has provided more value to me than anything I have ever purchased.  The earplugs are comfortable, amazingly effective at dulling intrusive sounds, and shockingly, I am still able to hear my alarm clock in the morning.  Best purchase for lifestyle ever!

Natasha Eremenko

– Google Review

“Really enjoyed dealing with Jonathan. He was very professional and quick to reply to answer any questions we had regarding products and fitting. We use them for all of our hearing testing and have always been pleased with the service. “

Kim Knox

– Google Review

“The service at Okanagan Audio Lab is top notch. They contact our company annually to schedule onsite hearing tests for our manufacturing plant. They work with our scheduled, and they are very easy to deal with. I highly recommend Okanagan Audio Lab for hearing tests and custom fitted hearing protection!”

Bigboifrogislit 101

– Google Review

“DB Blockers are the best! It blocks out the machine noise while enhances the voices of fellow employees compared to other ones I’ve worn.
They’re also quite comfortable so you don’t even know you’re wearing them. By wearing DB blockers for 20+ years I have confidence I won’t be as deaf as my old man when I get to retirement.”

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